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Our December trip to Spain (with the Fujifilm X-T3) Part I
February 14, 2019  by DanPerezPhotography 

Part I of a series of images from our eight-city trip to Spain this past December. Madrid, Gibraltar,...

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Winner! Flickr “Your Best Shot” Photography Competition
January 30, 2019  by DanPerezPhotography 

By now, some of you may know that my wife passed away this past September due to complications from surgery...

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Blog Posts  TRAVEL 
Tablao Flamenco Arte y Sabores de Córdoba, Spain
January 16, 2019  by DanPerezPhotography 

Flamenco performance at Arte y Sabores de Córdoba, located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in Córdoba...

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Blog Posts  TRAVEL 
Casa Patas, Madrid: Flamenco en Vivo
January 3, 2019  by DanPerezPhotography 

When in Spain, I’m doing the Flamenco thing. Love the drama, passion and melancholy of it all....

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Official Selection: “Gratitude & Joy” Photography Exhibit
November 26, 2018  by DanPerezPhotography 

One of my favorite places to snap photographs is at VACC Camp, a free week-long overnight camp hosted...

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Florida Day of the Dead Celebration (2018)
November 6, 2018  by DanPerezPhotography 

Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a holiday celebrated on November 1st throughout Latin America...

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