Muzeul Național de Artă al României

National Museum of Art of Romania

National Museum of Art of Romania

Sculpture of ‘Mihai the Madman’, by Stefan Ionescu-Valbudea (1856-1918)

‘Izvorul’ (The Spring) by sculptor Ioan Georgescu (1856-1898)

"NUD" BY Ștefan Ionescu-Valbudea (1856-1918)

Bust of Romanian poet Iulia Haşdeu by Ioan Georgescu (1856-1898)

"Bacantă" BY George Demetrescu Mirea (1852-1934)

SCULPTURE OF KING CAROL I BY Oscar Späthe (1865-1944)

‘The Forester’s Daughter’ by Nicolae Tonitza (1886-1940)

‘Sărutul’ (The Kiss) by Frederic Storck (1872–1924)

"NUD" BY Gheorghe Ionescu Sin (1896-1988)

‘Profile of a Young Girl’ by Ion Andreescu (1850-1882)

ASSORTED WORKS BY Max Hermann Maxy (1895-1971)

Two young students enjoying the assorted artworks

‘The Prayer’ by Constantin Brâncuși (1876-1957)

‘The Prayer’ by Constantin Brâncuși (1876-1957)

"BUST DE FEMIE" BY by Ioan Georgescu (1856-1898)

‘Lorica with Chrysanthemums’ by Ștefan Luchian (1868-1916)

Bust of Romanian writer Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu by Carol Storck (1854-1926)

"PROIECT DE MONUMENT" BY Oscar Späthe (1865-1944)

‘The Spear Thrower’ by Ion Georgescu (1856-1898)

‘Toujours du Baudelaire’ by Theodor Pallady (1871–1956)

‘Street at the Outskirts of Bucharest’ by Alexandru Țipoia (1914-1993)

‘Portrait of a Man’ by Marcel Iancu (1895-1984)

"MATERNITATE" BY Gheorghe Anghel (1904-1966)

‘Portrait of Maria Nacu’ (Portretul Mariei Nacu) by Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907)

‘Nud’ by Elena Popea (1879-1941)

"THE PRAYER" BY Gheorghe Anghel (1904-1966) (FOREGROUND) AND "PANOU DECORATIV" BY NICOLAE ENEA (1897-1960)

‘Nude in an Armchair’ by Merica Ramniceanu (1891-1972)

‘Portrait of a Peasant Woman’ by Aurel Băeșu (1896-1928)

Ion (Nicu) Irimescu’s ‘Girl with Grapes’ (foreground) and ‘Harvesters at Rest’ by Camil Ressu (1880-1962)

"Femeie în interior" BY Nadia Bulighin-Grossman (1892-1930)

"Zeul războiului" (THE GOD OF WAR) BY DIMITRIE PACIUREA (1873-1932)

MRS. PEREZ enjoying the gallery...